Key services provided by this unit, among others:

Preparing and reviewing tax returns for individuals and legal entities

This work is the result of analyzing best client alternatives comprising the following:

  • Planning fiscal year tax position through prior analysis and discussion with company executives of operations and results, fiscal and accounting criteria, tax rebates and other applicable advantages.
  • Acquiring specific operating knowledge through support documentation analysis.


Incluye la atención de todo tipo de consultas, que pueden estar relacionadas con:

  • Assessment of applicable alternatives.
  • Adjustment of tax assessment items.
  • Specific issues (foreign investments, technology, industrial promotion, and corporate reorganization, etc.).
  • Organization´s future fiscal position (tax planning).
  • Tax incidence overseas.

Defense before fiscal and judicial bodies.

This service, delivered with the support of company counsel, where applicable, comprises the following:

  • Drafting and submitting pleadings (response to official reports, resolutions, and filing appeals, etc.).
  • Acting before Federal District, provincial and municipal Tax Courts.
  • Acting as ex parte expert witnesses.
  • Assistance to in-house corporate counsel.
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