Advice to SMEs

In our country some companies grew and developed at a different pace from their organizational structures. Therefore, businessmen were forced to manage business dealings within an increasingly complex framework. Consequently, the following problems are sometimes observed in SMEs:

  • Organizational limitations:
    Situational issues tend to overwhelm managers and take time away from their specific activity thus preventing them from full-time involvement in general business supervision and planning tasks.
  • Poor information. Information is generally incomplete or incorrect, and, most importantly, does not fulfill reliability and timeliness requirements which are necessary for:
    - Estimating costs and pricing
    - Possible financial plans for granting or attracting credits
    - Determining results by area or product line
    - Improved efficiency

Our firm has created a highly specialized working team in Small Businesses?, or companies that are small in structure, dealing in all types of activities which require special previous and specific knowledge of each line of business. The degree of skills developed by our team has enabled us to achieve truly positive results in the following service delivery:

Business organization.

  • Current and projected business analysis.
  • Legal concept to be adopted and tax planning.
  • Designing and implementing operating and control systems.
  • Follow-up, supervision and updating of implemented systems.

Information processing

  • Assessment of processing means.
  • Planning, supervising and speeding up information delivery.
  • Defining and implementing a reliable, timely and clear set of reports.
  • Accounting Advisory.

Business planning and supervision

  • Financial, economic and tax planning.
  • Investment project assessment.
  • Analysis, interpretation and discussion of results obtained.
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